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Outdoor lighting Accessories

Outdoor lighting Accessories

Installation of exterior lamps and the right accessories

For easy installation of the right garden lighting, in addition to the right outdoor lamp, the right accessories are also crucial. Depending on the type of luminaire, e.g. additional be useful for installation. If a completely new garden lighting is created and new exterior lights are integrated, it is recommended to also plan suitable places for outdoor sockets. Often garden tools need electricity and additional external sockets can be used to avoid meter-long cables and extensions across the garden.

If you like to adapt your lighting to the season, you can use the additional outdoor sockets to supplement your stationary outdoor lamp with other decorative lights or fairy lights. Even different placements of portable lighting elements are facilitated and the garden shines in new splendor.

Professionally correct installation is important

When installing electrical equipment outdoors or in areas where contact with moisture and water is expected, extreme caution is required. For reasons of safety, outside lamps should only be made by an electrician or trained and authorized specialist.

Accessories for outdoor lamps

A correct installation of lights in the garden, on the wall or in the entrance area also requires the right accessories. So there are wall lights z. B. special brackets, which also allow mounting over the corner, so-called corner base or Eckwandhalterungen. If you want to decorate the garden with light tubes for Christmas, they must be connected by connecting cable to the mains. A certain number of external sockets is therefore required. These multiple sockets for outdoor lighting may also include a timer that ensures the precise on and off of the lighting. Also in terms of shape some models are good for surprises: they “lurk” perfectly camouflaged as stumps or stones in the bushes and hide in their interior several power connections for all the outdoor lamps that brighten and decorate the garden.