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Ceiling lights offer many features for interior design

Ceiling lights offer many features for interior design

First it was: the ceiling light. This is true of most rooms. Because usually it is so when moving in like this: A ceiling light is enough for now – the main thing for a certain basic brightness is taken care of. The floor lamp next to the sofa and the table lamp on the chest of drawers follow in the course of home furnishing. As well as decorative lights for stylish accents.

How to mount ceiling lights correctly?

This varies from model to model. But do not worry: with every ceiling light comes a practical one Assembly instructions with drawing, on which all dimensions are noted. Just follow step by step and the sense of achievement is guaranteed.

Can you hang ceiling lights without drilling?

Gravity definitely says no. For the installation of ceiling lights you need actually resort to the drill. Bonding is certainly not an option, as the weight of the lamp should be kept for years. The matching screws and dowels are usually with the lamp here. For suspended or Rigips ceilings, however, you should use special screws and dowels, which can safely hold the weight of the lamp.

Which bulb do I need for my ceiling light?

This varies from model to model and depends on the frame and, of course, your personal preference. At least you save the most energy with LED bulbs:

  • 90% compared to incandescent lamps
  • 60% compared to halogen lamps
  • 10% compared to energy saving lamps

In a luminaire with permanently installed LED technology, the question of the light source does not even arise. You do not need to exchange anything here or to fear anything. With about 50,000 hours of operation you can count.

Are there ceiling lights that shine upwards?

You want a comfortable, indirect lighting? At the same time the whole room should be pleasantly flooded with light? Why not just choose a ceiling light whose shade throws the light to the ceiling? If you still have a bulb with warm white light color should nothing stand in the way of pronounced coziness.

Ceiling lights – better in small or large rooms?

Basically, it is a matter of taste, whether you illuminate your rooms with a wall, ceiling or pendant lamp. In low rooms are suitable in Passage area however, flat ceiling lights are particularly good. So no one bumps his head and even light from above you have. Also for jobs with cabinet doors Or room doors come in, flat ceiling lights are great. LED ceiling lights with permanently installed lighting technology are clearly winners in terms of “flat design”. Space saving is hardly possible. But even in high, large rooms, ceiling lights make themselves well and ensure good general lighting.

Ceiling lights with special features:

Yes, every ceiling light can illuminate the room. But playing music, being remotely controlled, automatically taking action, changing the color or the brightness – these are practical additional functions for more comfort and cosiness.

… with motion detector
Every room brightens when you enter it? This is not a problem with a motion detector. You no longer have to use the elbow on the wall switch if you have no hand free.

… with remote
One for the TV, one for the hi-fi system and one for the ceiling light. There is nothing like a remote control. After all, those who have taken a leisurely stroll on the sofa are happy when they do not have to get up. dimming, the light colors change from warm white to daylight white and also off colorful light modes choose – all this is possible from the sofa.

… with loudspeaker
Making light is not enough? Do you also want rhythmic tones, the ceiling light? Then there is a model with speakers that via Bluetooth with the mobile phone can be controlled, perfect for your needs. And your smartphone is already playing the latest charts on your light. Just awesome!

… with color change
Cozy warm white or cool and factual? You do not have to decide. A lamp with color change option keeps all options open. It depends on what you are doing: for example, working or relaxing the day away.

… with dimmer
For some activities it has to be light. Vacuuming will make you the most effective at maximum brightness – if you do not want to miss a Wollmouse. For the glass of wine in the evening you need significantly less light. It’s a good idea to dimming your ceiling light as needed. This is possible either over one extra mounted dimmer. Or with practical Easydim-bulbs quite simply over the wall switch.