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A chandelier for your 4 walls – feel like a king

A chandelier for your 4 walls – feel like a king

They always wanted to feel like king and queen feel. And of course, preferably in your own home? Then nothing like one chandelier Bought! Because no other light than the chandelier sparkles and shines so beautiful, our rooms filled with such a stately elegance – and of course with us Proud.

What size should the chandelier have?

Not to large and not too small, And of course the way you want it. But what does that mean exactly? Very easily:

Free in the room hanging, the size (diameter) of the chandelier can be chosen at will. Important for the good lighting of the room is the Number of bulbs or the total luminous flux (measured in lumens) that is achieved. The required luminous flux depends on:

  • room size
  • colors represented in the room (dark walls reflect light worse)
  • desired brightness

Over a table In particular, the size of the table must be considered. Because the candlestick should be one smaller diameter as the table itself. And what about angular tables? Just take a look at the shortest page!

Our tip: Since the candles of many chandeliers are oriented upwards, is the Lighting on the table always something weaker. This in any case in the selection of the size or the number of “flames” (the bulbs) pay attention!

How high should you hang a chandelier?

The beautiful chandelier proudly show and put it in scene perfectly. That’s what you should definitely do with a chandelier. Yes, really must!

That’s why: About one table placed is a distance from about 60-70 cm between lower edge of candlestick and table surface a good measure. Free in the room however, the chandelier should be hung in sufficient height. So that you are comfortable underneath stand and go through can. Otherwise you can not help but see him. But then something else is really practical.

Our tip: For the optimal effect of the chandelier is a certain pendulum length required. Tall rooms are therefore ideal for impressive chandeliers. For low ceilings, if the suspension needs to be reduced to the minimum, crystal ceiling lights are the better choice.

Light bulb or LED – which bulb for the chandelier?

The times when real wax candles the chandeliers of the gentlemen adorned: luckily long gone. The times when you lay down at his chandelier without alternative light bulbs had to put: luckily also already long over. Because today’s chandeliers can of course also with ease LED lamps populated become. Thank the standardized sockets and sockets! From a purely optical point of view, LED lamps are in no way inferior to earlier bulbs – and combine this with all the advantages of modern technology.

Our tip: at chandeliers where you see the bulbs, just open candle lamps set with LED technology. Or on so-called. Gust lamps with bent or turned piston. Looks even more authentic, realistic and cool.

How can you clean a chandelier?

Dry or wet. So basically the simple and short answer. Admittedly, in the implementation perhaps not so easy and so short. But believe us: the Well worth the effort yourself. Gorgeous shine for a magnificent home. As once with kings and princes.

The dry basic cleaning: Is recommended for between – but still regularly. In order not to give dust and dirt the chance to adhere to our jewel. Best suited: the good, old Feather duster.

Please note: Always clean the acrylic chandelier wet. Otherwise threatens static charge.

The wet premium cleaning: Is a bit more expensive. That’s why she mostly only Once a year carried out. But most of all. Most suitable for this are extra chandelier cleaning sprays. These are sprayed onto the chandelier, so that dirt and dust drips down.


    • Always put newspapers or towels under the candlesticks. Otherwise you can clean the floor immediately afterwards.
    • before the wet cleaning always comes first the dedusting
    • switch off the chandelier & fuse always before
    • switch on the chandelier only after complete drying